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Al Noor Uniform Brand

Al Noor Uniform Brand are the Manufacturer and Exporter of Uniforms Accoutrements for the Armed Forces & Security Organizations, Schools & Sports Clubs and Corporate Wear, as follows: -

» Our Products Range of Badges

We also manufacture (Handmade Gold & Silver Bullion Embroidered badges,)all kinds,(Family Crests),(Wings,,Insignia badges), (Cap badges),(blazer badges), (Sashes), (Banners & flags), (Bullion Tassels), (Army, Air force, Navy, Police, Fire Department, law Enforcement badges),(Forces badges),(Clubs, Schools/Colleges/Universities badges),(Epaulettes,Uniform Regalias), Cap Visors, Banners, Lanyards, (Braids], [Buttons], [Shoulder boards], [Ranks & Regimental Badges], [Military Navy, Air Force Accoutrements],[Uniform Equipment for Police, Fire Departments], [Hand Embroidered Key Rings], [Defense Services & Clubs badges], [Regimental uniform Accessories], [Berets, Caps & Hats], [Sword knot], [Chin straps], [Shoulder], [Chin Cord], [Bag pipe Cords], [Cords], [Shoulder straps],[Whistle], [Whistle Cords], [Collar Tabs], [Pennants], [Monograms], [Land Yards], [Braids]" for Army, Navy, Air force, Police, Clubs, Fire Brigade, Schools, Colleges, Universities & Scouts and much more>

It’s been a source of honor for Al-Noor that this Organization possesses the experience of two generations, thus the credibility and professional standing is what our company work with, reliably this is the home where work is done with care and professional concern, taking in view the fullest demands, wants and instructions of the customers in making a product.

» Civil War Products Range: 
We provide Civil War Uniforms, Boer War, Zulu War, Indian Wars uniforms, accoutrements, brogans, American Civil War (ACW), UK Civil War, German uniforms, Confederate, Union, Victorian costumes, firearms, Presenting Military Uniform, American Civil war capi, Great Coats, Officer’s over coat, Fatigue Blouse dresses, Frock coat, Shell jackets, World war one uniforms, World war two uniforms, Civil war Shirts, Civil war Trousers, Civil war Khaki Field Blouse, Officer’s cloak coat, Oliskin Duster, Sack coat, Victorian Travelling coat, Ulster coat, Military Vest, New York Zouave Uniforms, Mexican jacket and trousers, Relaxing suits, officers uniforms, civilian wears, monastic uniforms, ladies wears etc.

In Al Noor Uniform Brand HOUSE all uniforms and costumes are individually tailored with much care and professional diligence. It is our aim to exactly take to mean your requirements and to deliver you with the best quality products at the most realistic prices. Al Noor Uniform Brand is the only company outside U.S.A and U.K honored to make period correct uniforms.

~ Hand Embroidered Badges & Flags
~ Lanyards & Aiguelettes
~ Peak Caps & Berets
~ Cap Cords & Sword Knots
~ Sambrowne & Webb Belts
~ Sword Knots / Frogs & Slings
~ Cap Cords & Braids
~ Shoulder Boards & Chevrons
~ Anklets & Waist Sashes
~ & Many more on your Requirements

Our Services are based on Quality, Delivery Time and Competitive Prices. Our Quality standards are further based on completing the job to the Customer Specification and Satisfaction with Precise Delivery Time - and therefore, we claim to be a 'Reliable Company'.

» Our Mission: 
The most important ( Delivery in time! ) 
The most concerning ( Quality Products! ) 
T he most needed ever ( The competitive price! )

» Quality and Price: 
We take 100% guarantee and assurance of the quality of the products made in our working units with most competitive prices feasible for every kind of market of the world namely, Europe, United States of America, UK, Japan etc.

Also, it is the chief concern of ALNOOR to provide the best services to our worthy customers throughout the world. Hence, we are sure that our customers would be fully satisfied with our quality products and we are confident enough to establish consistent and trustworthy business collaborations with them. We do not look for just one time sale, we seek the clients whom we could develop good business relationships forever.

Best Regards
Al Noor Uniform Brand

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